Where did the idea come from?

Our CEO Mark Oliver Fielding and I had worked together previously in Enter- prise Software and Payroll/HR Services markets at ADP and although we had both left the company and moved on to other things we kept in touch. In 2016 Mark approached me with a concept that we both knew would transform global payroll in the way that Airbnb trans- formed the tourism industry and it took off from there!

How did you find setting up a new business? Were there any challenges, highs or lows?

Setting up was achieved thanks to the support of some backers including LEO Carlow who we approached with a business plan and a presentation about Payzaar and how it worked. They immediately saw the potential and from there we applied for funding and thankfully got it which allowed us to transfer our concept from a dream to a reality and we started to design the brand and build the technology to test the market.

What has the feedback on Payzaar been like?

Incredibly positive, particularly with businesses working in multiple jurisdictions. Traditional payroll providers to this sector have over promised and under delivered and clients end up with poor visibility of their global payroll which makes it impossible to monitor, audit and process global data, to have full visibility on global compliance obligations from all regions to make key business decisions efficiently with greater confidence.

What is your vision for Payzaar going forward?

That’s simple - to become the largest market place of global payroll services making it easy for customers and providers to transact in a flexible, cost effective and easy way.

What was your breakthrough moment?

How it was received when we were testing the market to validate the platform was amazing – it solves every problem that exists with the existing service offerings available to the market and there is no issue with migrating from existing platforms or any of the risk associated with that, we simply plug in to whatever systems or service providers the company has in place and the Payzaar magic begins immediately! After just a couple of months in business, we came third in the HR Tech World’s DisruptHR event, the most prestigious event of its kind in Europe which is one hell of a statement and of serious benefit in raising awareness of Payzaar as the only way forward for the global payroll industry.

Tell me about the support you received from your Local Enterprise Office Carlow?

From the very beginning, the team at LEO Carlow have been extremely supportive and Kieran and Sarah have been particularly insightful and helpful to us. They just got it and could see the potential right away and helped us to get Payzaar from concept to market in so many ways; provision of an office space to get us off the ground, help with compiling our priming grant application, offering constant advice and a whole host of training and workshop opportunities on an ongoing basis and introductions to the right people in Enterprise Ireland. Without a doubt their support has been remark- able!

Are you optimistic regarding the future? Absolutely the sky is the limit for Payzaar.

Best advice you have received in relation to running a business?

I had a great mentor in a boss I had many moons ago at OneClick HR, Frank always gave me scope to try new things and be innovative and if I got it wrong I wasn’t dragged over the coals for it. That experience thought me not to just sit back and play it safe living in fear of failure but instead to relish trying new things as the only real failure in life is the failure to try!

What advice would you give others starting a new business?

Conserve your cash where possible, however, don’t skimp on design elements throughout the customer journey. There is no point in having an amazing piece of technology if the overall customer experience is a poor one. That first impression when demonstrating your product is so vitally important, in fact, often that customer experience does the main part of the job in selling the technology to the client so be sure to invest in a really smart look and interface throughout the entire customer journey.

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