Over 200 submissions for My Carlow – A Vision for a Living Town Centre.


Carlow County Council’s – Chief Executive, Kathleen Holohan informed elected members that over 200 submissions have been receipted in respect of “My Carlow – A Vision for a Living Town Centre” at a Council Meeting held today (11th June 2018) following a non-statutory process launched by Carlow County Council in May 2018.   

The members were informed that a draft report of submissions would be available for their consideration at the end of June 2018 which would be followed by a meeting of Town Centre Traders and interested stakeholders to be held in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel on Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 at 6.00pm. The members were informed that following the outcome of the workshop and meeting that the executive would make the relevant changes to the plan prior to launching a formal statutory process later in the year with works envisaged to commence in quarter one, 2019.  

Commenting on the process, the chief executive said “our promise during the process was to listen to the commentary on the plan. We are delighted with the level of engagement and conversation with the plan and indeed the engagement by a number of stakeholders and the general public”, Holohan continued to say “we knew in launching the plan that there would be every reaction from concern to delight about the vision but what we have received provides a firm foundation for the continuation of a consultative process which involves everybody regarding the design for a Living Town Centre”, Holohan continued to say “as stated at the outset partnership is a fundamental part of this process and Carlow County Council can’t deliver alone the kind of regeneration required to develop a living town centre.It will take commitment from the public, private and public sector in order to develop a reimagined town for all”.  

The Chief Executive informed the members that a meeting with the Town Centre Traders and interested parties would be held in early July 2018 in light of the issues raised by traders during the process and commenting on the proposed meeting, Kieran Comerford, Head of Enterprise with the Councils Local Enterprise Office said “our business community is an essential element in the Town Centre and any plans will affect their customer experience, therefore its essential that we take on board the commentary from the business community”, Comerford continued to say “it is also evident that there are other actions required in order to develop footfall in partnership with the business community and we must re-examine how we approach these activities. The meeting will provide a forum for the communication and development of these proposals”. For further information on the My Carlow process e-mail mycarlow@carlowcoco.ie or call the Local Enterprise Office on 059-9129783  


For further information contact Kieran Comerford 086-8252037 E-mail: kcomerford@carlowcoco.ie