Retail Management Development Programme

Retail Management Development programme

This programme consists of 4 day workshops (over 3 months) and onsite mentoring (over 3 months). The following topics to be covered in the workshops.

  • Developing Aggressive Sales Growth Strategies developing a retail marketing plan, driving sales through  promotions, creating a target driven sales culture
  • Negotiation, Branding and Developing First Class Customer Service - better buying and strategic purchasing, training in negotiation skills with buyers, simple customer service initiatives,  becoming customer focussed.
  • Strategic Retail Management - understanding retailer's unique selling points, exploring new directions, reviewing and communicating customer proposition, advertising, loyalty schemes, on-line marketing
  • Visual Merchandising - understanding display challenges, utilising your retail space to give the strongest  message to entice shoppers, delivering a high impact at low cost.
  • Mentoring / Training Action Report

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