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WIB 16th September 2015 - Speaker Moira Geary

Moria Geary

Ennis, September 17th, 2015 – Motivational Women in Business Networking Event took place in Treacys West County Hotel, Ennis on Wednesday, 16th September featuring a talk “How to Overcome Procrastination and Self Sabotage for Women in Business” by a woman with a rare and proven ability to help people achieve extraordinary results - The Recombobulator, Moira Geary. The event was an excellent opportunity for women in business to recognize and discuss procrastination issues occurring in their own businesses and learn from the personal experiences of the speaker.

As women are now more active in the business world, every business person face barriers and obstacles at some time or another. Guest speaker Moira uncovered some of the obstacles women in business face and presented strategies on how to overcome these challenges. Procrastination is one of the most common traits that plagues almost every business person. It is a primary obstacle to efficient time management and one of the biggest obstacles to achieving goals, the steppingstones that link to the enhanced performance in business and personal life. It is easy to find yourself putting off tasks that you recognize must be accomplished, and you put them off over and over again sometimes not even recognizing the issue. During her talk Moira uncovered this issue and provided tools on how to move from the blocks of procrastination, fear, overwhelm and self-sabotage.

Moira Geary works with people to overcome their blocks in business. During the event she openly talked about her own journey and showed others how to succeed in business while being aware of the obstacles and barriers. Moira said: “Power is in our hands, we just need to apply the principles to get the results. Confidence and believing in ourselves is important!”

Women in Business Networking Event was organized by Local Enterprise Office Clare and it brought together loads of formal and informal networking for women already in business and for those planning to join the business world in the nearest future. Padraic McElwee, the Head of Local Enterprise Office, who attended the event, underlined the importance of the events for women in business which encourage networking and encourage women in business to collaborate. “Events like these encourage women in business to get on board and feel they are welcome. This is a great networking opportunity for businesswomen from diverse cross section of businesses, where they can exchange ideas and support each other. We are different to men and we need to meet to value our gender,” said Geraldine Gregan.

Local Enterprise Office Clare support women in business through a number of ways, one of which is the women in business network. The network provides women in business with a forum to network openly, share business contacts, knowledge and experience. The next event will take place on the 14th October and is titled “Two heads are better than one”. The event will feature guest speaker Tracy Aspel and will focus on cluster networks for women in the business.

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