Complete Digital Marketing 23rd January 2020

Clare Education Centre, Government Buildings, Kilrush Road, Ennis
Thursday 23rd January 2020
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6 week Digital Marketing Programmes covering Facebook, SEO, Video Marketing, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Email Marketing.

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Complete Digital Marketing Programme

Dates: Thursdays, 23rd and 30th January, 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th February 2020

Understanding how to market your business online is becoming vitally important for every business owner. Lots of people attend an individual course on SEO or Facebook but then struggle to see how it all fits together. Therefore, we are running this very popular course which is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of digital marketing – it explains the major strands in detail and explains how they all fit together.


This course covers SEO, content and video marketing, how to convert your traffic into more enquiries and sales, Email marketing, blogging, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and LinkedIn marketing.


Who is this suitable for?


This is suitable for people who are comfortable using a computer and browsing the web. This is very much a “hands-on” course with lots of practical work being done during the sessions.


Course Topics: Digital Marketing Programme 


Week 1: SEO – How to get your site appearing high up in Google search results

  • How Google works – what you need to know.
  • How to check where you are currently appearing in search results.
  • How to find the search terms that your customers are using when looking for your services.
  • What you need to do on your site and outside of your site.
  • How to get found by international customers.


Week 2:  Content marketing and video marketing

  • Why you should produce content that people will find useful when marketing your business – it will pull in more website visitors and will truly differentiate you from your competitors which will result in more sales.
  • How to produce content such as blog posts, ebooks and videos.
  • Why video is becoming one of the most effective digital marketing tools.
  • 6 different types of videos you can produce with lots of examples and production tips.
  • What low cost but high quality equipment you can purchase to make lots of videos.
  • Demo - How to edit clips you take on your smartphone into a marketing video.
  • How to use YouTube for marketing.


Week 3: How to convert website visitors into more enquiries and sales + Blogging

  • How to understand what is working on your website and what isn’t  - what tools can you use to really understand what is happening on your site.
  • How to set goals for your site and what / how to measure.
  • How to increase enquiries and sales by focusing on your content, messaging, offers etc.
  • How to increase enquiries and sales by focusing on design, call to actions etc.
  • An introduction to blogging - What are blogs, how are they used and should you have one on your site.
  • How to go about getting a blog.


Week 4: Facebook Marketing

  • What type of marketing tool is Facebook –(and what type is it not).
  • How to set up and brand a business page.
  • What to and how to post – lots of tips.
  • How to grow your followers.
  • Introduction to Facebook contests and Facebook advertising.



Week 5: Twitter Marketing + Instagram marketing

  • What is Twitter and how do people use it for marketing?
  • How to set up and brand a Twitter account.
  • How to tweet, DM, @reply and retweet and set up lists.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make on Twitter.
  • How to grow your followers and use it for marketing.
  • What is Instagram.
  • How it works.
  • How companies are using it for marketing.


Week 6: LinkedIn Marketing + Email Marketing

  • What is LinkedIn and how do people use it for marketing?
  • How to post and what to post
  • How to optimise your profile with videos, presentations, custom url,  control what strangers see, operate anonymously
  • How to connect with people and how to grow your connections
  • How to setup a company page
  • How to use LinkedIn to increase awareness of your brand and generate leads
  • An introduction to email marketing including how to approach it and the key pitfalls to avoid
  • How to grow a customer list and prospect list
  • How to use a free email marketing service to send up to 12,000 emails a month with full reporting and predesigned templates.