Complete Digital Marketing 24th March 2020

Clare Education Centre, Government Buildings, Kilrush Road, Ennis
24th March 2020
1.30pm - 5pm
Social Media

6 week Digital Marketing Programmes covering Facebook, SEO, Image and Video Marketing, Twitter, Website Planning and Instagram

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Complete Digital Marketing Programme


Dates: Tuesdays, 24th and 31st March, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th April 2020


Understanding how to market your business online is becoming vitally important for every business owner. Lots of people attend an individual course on SEO or Facebook but then struggle to see how it all fits together. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of digital marketing – it explains the major strands in detail and explains how they all fit together.


This course covers two big topics – website marketing and social media marketing.


In weeks 1-3 we focus on website marketing and look at SEO, content and video marketing, how to plan and brief a website and how to increase web enquiries and sales.


In weeks 4-6 we focus on social media marketing including Facebook marketing/advertising; Twitter marketing; YouTube marketing, Instagram marketing and how to pull it all together in to a digital marketing plan.


This course will provide you with an action plan for your digital marketing. It will explain how all the key aspects of website marketing and social media marketing fit together and how you can use digital marketing to increase your sales.



Who is this suitable for?


  • Someone thinking of setting up a new business or creating a new website.
  • Owners of established businesses who want to understand how to grow their online presence and sales.
  • Those involved in marketing a business and who want to improve their digital marketing skills.


The course is pitched at beginner to intermediate level. Participants need to be comfortable using a computer and browsing the web.



What do you need to bring?

This is very much a “hands-on” course with lots of practical work being done during the sessions. You will need to bring a laptop. A tablet will not be suitable for some exercises.



Week 1: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


  • How search engines work – what you need to know.
  • How Google chooses which sites appear on page 1 and how that impacts what you need to do.
  • What needs to be done on your website.
  • What needs to be done outside of your website.
  • How to appear high up in foreign search engines if you are targeting abroad.
  • How to target local searchers.
  • SEO pitfalls to avoid.




Week 2:  How to plan and brief a website/How to increase web enquiries and sales


How to plan and brief a website

  • How to choose and register a domain name.
  • How to choose a hosting provider.
  • What type of website best suits your goals.
  • How much should you pay for a new website.
  • What are the main options for creating low cost but high quality websites.
  • How to brief a web designer.



How to increase web enquiries and sales

Doubling your website conversion rate (the number of enquiries/sales as a % of visitors) can be the equivalent of doubling your traffic. In this class you will learn:

  • How to calculate your conversion rate.
  • How you can identify which areas of your site need to be improved using tools such as:
    • Google analytics.
    • Heatmaps.
    • Videos of your actual website visitors.
  • How to increase enquiries and sales by focusing on your content, messaging, offers etc.
  • How to increase enquiries and sales by focusing on design, call to actions etc.



Week 3:  Image design and video marketing


Image Design


It is important to know how to design images and graphics for your website and also for social media

  • Crop an image to any size
  • Add text to your image in a way that looks like a graphic designer created it
  • Add you logo to you images
  • Add animated text to your images
  • Add animations to your images



Video Marketing


Knowing how to create your videos is a very important skill when marketing your business online. In this section you will learn...


  • How to edit a marketing video in a hands on workshop
  • Why video is a proven internet marketing tool
  • What are the main types of marketing videos –options to consider


How to shoot a video

  • Video production tips
  • How to shoot a video using a smartphone
  • What additional equipment do you need in order to use your smartphone for shooting marketing videos?



Week 4: Facebook Marketing and Advertising


How to use Facebook for free

  • What kind of marketing channel is Facebook?
  • Branding your page.
  • Review your page settings.
  • Develop a posting plan.
  • Posting tips.
  • Engage with your followers.


How to run Facebook ad campaigns

  • Facebook advertising
    • How to design your ads.
    • How to target your ads – in-depth look at intermediate and advanced ways to advertise on Facebook.
    • How to run an ad campaign to drive traffic to your site


Week 5: Twitter and YouTube Marketing


Twitter Marketing

  • How Twitter works – the basics we need to understand.
  • How to set up your Twitter page – the major pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to tweet, retweet and reply
  • How to grow lists to use in marketing
  • How to grow your followers.
  • Where’s the beef?  How do you sell products?


How to market your video using YouTube

  • How to create and brand a channel
  • How to upload your video
  • How to get the embed code for your video
  • How to get your video seen.
  • How to get free stock music for your video on YouTube.



Week 6: Instagram and Pulling it all together


What is Instagram?

  • What kind of social network is it?


How to use Instagram

  • Getting Started on Instagram
  • How to find interesting content & people to follow
  • How to take photos and share them
  • How to take videos and share them
  • Apps you can use to create eye-catching image and video posts
  • How to post a story
  • Apps you can use to create eye catching stories


How to use Instagram for marketing – for free

  • What type of marketing tool is Instagram?
  • How to migrate to a business account
  • Develop a content plan – what will you post?
  • How to Grow your Followers
  • How to drive people to your website
  • How to use Shoppable posts


How to use Instagram for marketing – through paid advertising

  • How to run an ad campaign using the Instagram app
  • How to run an ad campaign using Facebook ads manager



How it all fits together

  • Review of the all of the topics and an explanation of how to pull it all together in a digital marketing plan.
  • Step-by-step digital marketing checklist which summarises the 6 week programme.