Your Business, Only Better. Kilrush Information Event

Kilrush Digital Hub, Kilrush
3rd February 2020

Over time inefficiencies occur in the running of a business. This programme is designed to improve your productivity and eliminate inefficiencies leading to improved profitability.

This event is no longer available

Your Business, Only Better - Information Event

Over time every business develops ways of working which are not always the most efficient or cost effective. This programme is designed to help you take a fresh look at how you run your business day to day. Are your processes cumbersome or could they be better? Can you improve your production cycle? Is your administration processes causing delays and frustrations? Regardless of what sector of business you operate in, this programme will help you do things quicker, better and more importantly save costs. The benefits of this heavily subsidised programme will be seen in improved profitability.


Who Should Attend?

Owner/managers and senior staff members of any business irrespective of sector and size


Why should you attend?

This Information Session will outline the upcoming "Your Business Only Better Programme" which incorporates a "Tools for Bettering you Business" workshop and on-site mentoring sessions.  This programme can assist businesses to;

  • Increase output/capacity
  • Increase Profits
  • Increase cost savings
  • Identify, categorise and target waste