Helen Ennis

Helen Ennis

Dunbeacon Pottery

Sixteen years later and the pottery business is going very well.  I have been producing my own designed ranges of ware now for over 13 years.  As I have always had a practical approach to most things I like to focus on the function of an item when it comes to design, I also like to keep things as simple as possible. A good pouring jug that can safely be put in the dishwasher to me is a small pleasure in life.   The three main ranges in blue, pale green and soft white glazes all sell well from my studio showroom as well as from the shops that I supply in West Cork and Dublin. While the landscape surrounding Dunmanus Bay has influenced these subtle glazes the pottery  also suits contemporary urban settings.

During the busy summer months, I enjoy meeting customers when they call into the studio, it is a great opportunity to get feedback that carries on and feeds the design process.  The winter months are a chance to build up stock for the next season and  Christmas fairs.

I recently received a Trading Online Voucher from the Local Enterprise Office to develop my website an online shop facility. Running a business in a rural part of the country has its challenges, I hope with the new website many of my existing customers will easily be able to add to their collections and new customers will discover the pottery online. 

Running a small business is definitely hard work but I find it hugely rewarding.   My two pieces of advice to anyone starting a business would be firstly to maintain the standard you set out, sometimes that will mean saying no, but in the long run if you can stand behind the work you are doing you will be more satisfied and more successful.  And secondly, try not to do everything yourself, put your energy towards your own strengths and ask for help, whether it be professional help or from family and friends, when you need it”. Helen Ennis, Dunbeacon Pottery, Durrus, West Cork.

Contact Details:

Website: www.dunbeaconpottery.com   

Telephone: 027-61036