Janet Power

Janet Power

“Kinsale Dental began in 1992 when my husband PJ and I bought an existing Kinsale dental practice. We deliver excellence, experience and quality in dentistry, offering a comprehensive range of dental services under one roof, in a relaxed caring environment.

 Janet PowerWe now have a multi- disciplinary team. A specialist consultant orthodontist offers a full range of orthodontic treatments in-house. PJ has been offering a full implant service since 1992. Our culture is one of minimally invasive dentistry. Our 2 in-house hygienists Caroline & Yvonne care for our patients preventing dental disease. Yvonne has recently been shortlisted as one of the 5 finalists for The Kin Dental Hygienist of the Year Ireland. Our 2 other dentists Brenda & Maeve provide gentle care and excellence in dentistry.


We have expanded from a 1.5 manned dental practice, employing 2 nurses in 1992 to a business now with 5 clinicians, 2 hygienists and 9 ancillary staff.  Our core belief is that we are always striving to improve. We were delighted to win the best employer award at the Irish Dentistry Awards this year as it was a great reflection on the team as a whole.


I am currently half way through a 2 years Master’s Degree in Restorative an Aesthetic Dentistry in Manchester University. I combine my studies with managing the business and practicing 3-4 days a week. It is a challenge but I am certainly never bored!


I recently completed the new Women in Business Programme with my Local Enterprise Office and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough .In particular the mentoring that I received was invaluable along with the amazing support of the other women that I met. Also through my Local Enterprise Office, the Trading Online Voucher scheme has greatly helped me set up an online booking system and increase our web presence. My Local Enterprise Office has been a great help to me and I hope to continue to avail of their on-going support and assistance as we further develop the business and hopefully create further future employment.


If I was to give advice to anybody starting off, firstly I would say that you will work harder than you ever thought possible but keep on keeping on! Persevere and always ask for advice/support from other business people .There is a wealth of knowledge out there .In particular I wish that I had availed of the help and support of the Local Enterprise Office, a long time ago!


As regards the challenges that I have faced as a woman and a mother of 4  in business, I think that it can be summed up in just one word - JUGGLING!


How to get in touch with us:

Address: Kinsale Dental, Pearse Street, Kinsale, Co. Cork

 Tel: 021-4772788 Email: hello@kinsaledental.ie Website:www.kinsaledental.ie