Trading Online Voucher Scheme 2020 @ 90%: Claim

Trading Online Voucher Scheme 2020 - How to Claim your voucher

  • The supplier must be paid by you before you make your 1st or 2nd claim to recoup your grant to the Local Enterprise Office.
  • Claims to the Local Enterprise Office can be made in either one or two instalments, and only made in respect of actual work completed (i.e. in respect of the components of the project works completed at the time the claim is being made). Expenditure on the various project components can only be claimed once. You can also make one complete claim rather than two part claims, whichever is convenient to you.
  • Payment will then be made to you on satisfactory receipt of the following uploaded onto the online system: (NOTICE - Local Enterprise Office – West Cork are no longer accepting hard copies or e-mailed copies of Trading Online Voucher claims)

Payment will then be made to you on satisfactory receipt of the following:

  • Trading Online Voucher Grant Draw-Down Claim Form  – upload your completed claim form in excel format. 
  • Copy of your Company Registration Office (CRO) registration - or proof that your business has been trading for over 6 months (copy of a business bill over 6 months). 
  • Up to date Tax Clearance Certificate for your business
  • Original Invoice(s) for work undertaken - this invoice must show FULL BALANCE DUE
  • Contractor(s) Company Registration Office (CRO) details from Web Developer -
  • Contractor(s) up to date Tax Clearance Certificate from Web Developer
  • Submit Contractor(s) official receipts for works completed – this can be an invoice with zero balance due on it or an official company receipt or an e-mail confirming that payment was received in full with date and amount received.
  • Proof of ETF online payments if paying online - take a screen shot of the online payment confirmation page as you’re arranging the transfer as this may not be possible to bring up again with some online banking systems once the transaction is complete. For banking system that you can bring it up again this can be done by: go to your online banking system and click on the payment log and select the payment(s) required, click on it and this will bring up the confirmation payment detail page with payee name / payer name / amount paid / date paid, print off this page or screen shot it for submission / upload. – THIS MUST BE UPLOADED. 
  • If you are a Bank of Ireland 365 banking customer make sure to print off your SEPA TRANSFER confirmation page when making your payment. This page contains payee name, payer name, amount paid and payment date. If you did not print this off then go to your online system, on the left hand side you will see service desk, click on this. drop down menu on top select “ as a question” this will bring you into an e-mail style page. Ask for confirmation of payment(s) in question giving payee name, payer name, amount paid and payment date.
  • Bank Statement / Recent Transaction Statement / Visa Statement showing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Transfer payment(s) or cheque payment was cashed through the business bank account.
  • Copy of cheque / bank draft / postal order CASH RECEIPTS are ineligible.
  • Declaration of work carried out form to be completed by your contractor. 
  • A summary of the work completed and the anticipated benefits to your business.

Important notice:

  • Any payments to an approved supplier for your trading online voucher, MUST be paid from the business bank account which was approved the trading online voucher.
  • Payment to approved suppliers from an individual (other than the business name) will be deemed as an ineligible payment and cannot be re-deemed under the trading online voucher.
  • Do not make any cash payments and make sure any deposit paid to your preferred supplier is paid from your company bank account.
  • Please note that any major changes to your project as outlined in the project specification and application documents submitted by you may not only be costly from a supplier perspective but if significant, could invalidate your voucher (if this arises please do not hesitate in contacting us at the Local Enterprise Office prior to undertaking the work).