Start a Business

Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. To give yourself the best chance of survival and growth it is essential that you are properly prepared.

Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail.

How Can We Assist You:-

  • Why not give us a call to discuss your business idea or book a free mentoring/business advice appointment from our website
  • Attend one of our Small Business Management Courses or Business Start Course which are run up to five times a year in both North & West Cork.
  • Avail of the FREE Nubie resource for start up businesses.
  • Review the business resources we have on our web site to assist you in developing your business knowledge
  • Improve your Business and Management Skills by availing of our many training programmes and learn about the pitfalls to avoid in starting your business
  • Obtain a Mentor from your LEO to assist you in developing your business idea to a proper business plan
  • Check if you are eligible for Financial Assistance from the Board of if not, some of the other funding Agencies for business may be able to assist you.
  • Check if you qualify for the Enterprise Allowance Scheme if you are currently unemployed
  • Check Set up a Free Ecommerce web site -
  • If you are in the process of examining a new product prototype then a feasibility study grant might be available to you.

Useful Guides For you to Consider

  • As a starting point, it is well worth spending some time considering if you are suited to a career as an entrepreneur. Is entrepreneurship for you?

Once you decide to take the next step, it is important to make out a logical plan of the steps involved in starting your own business. This will ensure that you cover all the important areas.

  • This '10 Step Guide' can be used as a handy checklist. 10 step guide to starting a business
  • One of the most important things you will do at this stage is to start to develop your business plan.

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