10 Steps to Self Employment

Friday 2nd & Monday 5th September 2022
10.00am - 1.00pm
Business Training

If you have a business idea or are thinking of starting your own business, join our 10 Steps programme to see if self-employment is for you. and covered during 2 mornings.This short programme is ideal before partaking in a Start Your Own Business Programme.


10 steps to self employment programme

Have a business idea or a few business ideas? Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to start your own business? If so, this short 2 morning programme is ideal for you. It is recommended before a client partakes in our intense Start Your Own Business Programme. By the end of this 2 morning programme, you should be able to decide if self-employment and being an entrepreneur is for you. If you decide to proceed with your business idea, the next step would be to partake in one of our intense Start Your Own Business Programmes.

Note: This programme is only open to clients within the LEO Cork North & West catchment area. If you are based outside of our area, we will re-direct you to your own Local Enterprise Office.

The 10 steps covered during the 2 morning programme will include:

  1. Access to self employment - overview of the legal requirements
  2. Self assessment - address your suitability to running your own business
  3. Your business vision - your mid-term and long-term vision
  4. Market research - primary and secondary market research
  5. Cost control and pricing - how to cost and price your product or service
  6. The business plan - brief overview of this formal document and why it essential to your business as it develops.
  7. Taxation and compliance - overview of the Irish tax system
  8. Managing the finances - keeping proper business records
  9. Self employment support - statutory supports for micro enterprises and self employed individuals
  10. Getting started - taking the first steps
  • You MUST partake in both training mornings, if you are signing up to this online programme.
  • Client participation will be encouraged and we will be using Zoom technology to delver this webinar.
  • It will be recommended that your video is ON for the duration of this webinar to allow client participation and networking.
  • Trainer: Tony O'Regan, Business IQ