Business Priming Funding

Is Your Business Eligible for LEO DLR Funding?

Read the Eligibility Criteria for our financial supports.

  • A Priming Grant is a business start-up grant available to micro enterprises within the first 18 months of start-up.

  • Micro enterprises (Limited Companies, Designated Activity Companies, sole traders, co-operatives and partnerships) can apply for a Priming Grant to help them get the business started within the first 18 months of startup. It may cover a portion of qualifying Salary Costs and/or 50% of qualifying Non-Salary Costs (excluding VAT), subject to a maximum Local Enterprise Office DLR contribution of €80,000. Funding is issued on a part grant, part repayable (0% interest) basis.   

Priming Grant Funding : Qualifying Expenses 

Local Enterprise Office DLR will consider the following grant expenditure headings:-

  • Salary Costs – for the first year of employment. This money is paid in two instalments. The first instalmentis at the start of employment; and the second after six months of employment. The level of grant support will reflect the salary scale proposed for the job being generated. Jobs attracting salaries of €40,000 or more will be eligible for the maximum €15,000 grant support. Lower-paid positions will receive a lower grant. Please note that approved grants are to be used for their intended purposes. If salaries are being supported by the LEO, the detailed job description and contracts for the role need to be forwarded to the LEO before the funds can be drawn down.
  • Capital Items – including fit out of workspace, office equipment, machinery, fixed technology costs, and so on. (Note that the cost of buying or construction of a building and the cost of land and mobile assets including laptops, tablets and smart phones are excluded from grant aid). 
  • Consultancy, Innovation, Marketing Costs – these may include packaging, brochures, business cards, trade fairs, website development, consultancy fees and other marketing initiatives.

Business Priming Funding : Repayment Terms : Updated August 2016

  • 0% repayability is applied to the entirety of a funding offer if a sum of €10,000 or less is approved by LEO DLR
  • 30% repayability is applied to the entirety of a funding offer if a sum in excess of €10,000 is approved by LEO DLR


  • We request that you contact our Enterprise Office prior to submitting an application

  • An application must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred i.e. Any expenditure incurred prior to the grant application date does not qualify

  • The approval of all applications and the payment of all monies is dependent upon the availability of financial resources under this scheme from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & innovation

Depending on availability of financial resources, it may not always be possible to accept applications for Feasibility, Business Priming and Business Expansion funding. To check availability throughout the year, please call (01) 204 7083.