Coco Markets 'Inspire and Grow' Initiative for Food Sector

Food Businesses Apply here for a spot at the CoCo Markets 'Inspire & Grow' Initiative, Peoples Park / Marlay Park!

Calling all food start ups, apply here for an amazing opportunity to showcase your food products at the Coco Market 'Inspire & Grow' Initiative, Peoples Park / Marlay Park!

Coco market in full swingCoco Makret

The Local Enterprise Office, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (LEO DLR) in conjunction with the Municipal Services Department, DLR County Council are running this 'Inspire & Grow' Initiative which offers Food Producers/Suppliers within the County an opportunity to take a stand at the CoCo Markets in either Peoples Park Dún Laoghaire or Marlay Park Rathfarnham.

This initiative has an incubation period of 8 weeks for each food sector participant and it is an amazing opportunity for start up food producers/suppliers to develop their overall sales pitch of their products i.e. Marketing, Promotion, etc.

Ideally candidates will be registered with the Dublin Food Chain and have participated in the ‘Kick Start Your Own Food Business’ programme with the Dublin Food Academy and are now looking to develop the business and product further.

Benefits of the Coco Markets 'Inspire & Grow' 8 week Initiative

  • The LEO DLR and DLR Coco Marketswill provide the branding and promotion of this great initiative. The rental fee for the pitch and the utility costs will apply to each successful pilot vendor and each vendor must supply their own stall
  • Develop your overall sales pitch of your products
  • Give you the chance to test the market by selling your products directly to customer
  • Enhance customer feedback
  • Afford opportunities to link in/network with other vendors and further develop the business and products
  • Enable you to participate in the Food Academy Programme with the Dublin Food Academy which would be the next step for you in food sector development

Important Please Note

All ‘Inspire & Grow’ CoCo Market Applicants/Clients must have completed a HACCP Training Course and must have HACCP Certification or else they will not be allowed into the market to trade until they have completed this training course if they are food manufacturers/ producers.

Any ‘Inspire & Grow’ Applicant/Client, if selected, must be registered with HSE, produce a copy of HSE Registration Letter, have a valid Tax Clearance or Tax Exemption Letter from the Revenue Commissioners and a copy of their Insurance with Public Liability cover of €6.5million stating that DLR County Council is indemnified.

The ‘Inspire & Grow’ initiative is not free of charge and there is associated costs with it. Details of the costs involved are outlined on the end of the application form.

How to Apply

You can download the application form here

Please submit completed applications to LEO DLR:

If you have any queries you can contact the Local Enterprise Office at 01 2047083 or at the above email address.

Application Deadline

Applications for this initiative are currently open.

If you have never been to the Coco Markets check out this Video of RTE Nationwide visiting Marlay Park Coco Marketthe atmosphere is infectious and the Video Coco Markets in Peoples Park Dun Laoghaire.