START Network

Monthly Business Network for Start-Ups


Thinking of Starting your Own Business? In the early stages of Growing one?

Our START network meets on Tuesdays each month from 7-9pm.

  • Get expert advice on business strategies from guest speakers
  • Exchange ideas and share experiences with other entrepreneurs
  • Avail of opportunities to build contacts and win business
  • New Guests are welcome (no charge for first time visit)

Membership fee includes all meetings including two social events per annum. Our networks are supported online with active social media pages and groups. 

Pay €50 for Membership of the START Network (January to December 2018 inclusive)

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START Network Enquiries

Angela Tynan
Network Co-ordinator
Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown 

Tel:  01 494 8400
Mobile:   087 223 5269