Brexit Readiness Programme Information Seminar

The Talbot Hotel Stillorgan
4.30pm - 6.30pm
Management Development

Get your business prepared for Brexit with our specially designed six week programme. Find out more by attending this seminar!

This event is no longer available

Brexit Readiness Programme Information Seminar

With the United Kingdom scheduled to leave the European Union at the end of March 2019, the clock is ticking for Irish businesses to prepare for the opportunities and challenges that this departure will present.

Whether there will be a 'soft' or 'hard' Brexit or indeed a no deal withdrawal, Brexit is a certainty with British Prime Minister Theresa May recently indicating that there would be no second referendum. Of course, there will be more political twists and turns in Brussels, London, Dublin, Belfast, Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris not to mention Washington over the coming months but does your business have the time to get ready for a Brexit of any shape if one of your key markets or suppliers are in the UK? Do you have a contingency plan for any of the eventualities or are you just going to scramble to react when it does happen?

The true impact of Brexit on your business needs to be understood well in advance of March 2019 to minimise its impact and understand the opportunities. This Brexit Readiness Programme will create the space, focus and provide the expertise to get you thinking strategically about your businesses ability to deal with Brexit in whatever shape it takes.

Clients on this 6 week programme including workshops and individual mentoring will develop a firm understanding of the impact of Brexit on their business and develop their individual readiness plan over the 3 months. 

Who should attend: Every business who has customers or suppliers in the UK

Programme Details

The programme will run over 6 weeks and will be split into four areas:

  • Brexit Business Impact Analysis
  • Strategy and Remediation Actions
  • Integrated Action Plan
  • Brexit Readiness & Governance

The six modules to be covered under the above headings are the following:

Session 1:Map my business to identify where value is created
Session 2:Identify the dependence and/or inter-dependence on the UK
Session 3:Identify and size the risks on my business
Session 4:Determine the actions necessary to mitigate these risks
Session 5:Prioritise mitigation actions in a structured plan
Session 6:Build resilience in my business and ensure Brexit readiness

Each module will run from 8am until 1pm at a venue to be confirmed. Individual mentoring schedule will be agreed with each participant.


Ed Flanagan will deliver the six modules and mentoring sessions. Ed is a change management leader and an InterTrade Ireland approved Brexit consultant.

He draws on his experience with the Local Enterprise Offices, InterTrade Ireland and several years of previous experience on the Senior Management Team in a multinational corporation. Ed was an executive across several domestic and international functions in well known multinationals including Finance, Accounting, Payment Operations, Real Estate, Facilities and Environmental Management, Reengineering, Manufacturing and Communications. He uses tried and trusted methods to develop innovative plans to build resilience in the face of change or adversity. The outcome for businesses at the end of the programme will be clarity of purpose and detailed pre-planning which is critical in times of significant uncertainty.