What is Lean

Lean for Micro Programme

The Lean for Micro Programme was designed to encourage companies to adopt Lean thinking and practices to help them increase productivity and improve overall competitiveness. Additionally, it would enable the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement, and lead to increases in profitable sales, exports, and employment.

All businesses must continually evolve and look for ways to improve. This is particularly relevant for small businesses which are looking to create a competitive advantage. Lean thinking and practice should be paramount for any small business to ensure they are using their resources to help maximise their outputs. This creates benefits for the whole business, from the owners to employees and customers. Since the Lean for Micro programme was introduced in 2015 through the Local Enterprise Offices, it has been run by each of the 31 LEOs with over 750 companies benefitting from its expertise and principles. The programme looks at how to create the best value for the customer by driving continuous improvements to utilise time, effort and resources giving greater returns to the business, improving productivity and competitiveness.

Lean - helping companies get the best out of their people and business,

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