Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal

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The Local Enterprise Office engaged with the creative sectors and other stakeholders to inform the development of a Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship for Donegal that was launched in the RCC, Letterkenny on the 18th May 2015.  The process began with an open workshop attended by over 30 stakeholders held in our offices in Letterkenny in October 2014. This was a first opportunity for people in the creative sectors in Donegal to participate in this strategic initiative. A key outcome was a request for another meeting and a second open workshop attended by over 20 stakeholders took place in the Local Enterprise Office in early December 2014.

A draft Strategic Action Plan was developed in January 2014 and an Interim Strategic Review Group made up of over 15 creative sector and local agency representatives were invited to provide feedback and attend a third workshop to discuss the potential for collaborative action.

In addition to the workshops:

  • An online survey was circulated during November and December and received 86 responses
  • Over 55 1:1 discussions were held via meetings and phonecalls for a representative spread across the county, relevant sectors and agency supports
  • The initiative was presented at the 2014 Allingham Festival and an information stand was set up at this event to raise awareness of the initiative
  • The Local Enterprise Office engaged with stakeholders, agencies and local authority departments to develop opportunities for collaboration in the delivery  of supports for the creative sectors.

One of the key issues identified in the stakeholder workshops was the need to establish the current profile of the creative sectors in the county to enable exchange of ideas and stimulate new opportunities. To deliver on this action we would appreciate greatly if any creative entrepreneurs would share their details with us by contacting Michael Tunney at or Tel: 074 9160735 so that we can produce an accurate and up to date profile of the creative sectors in the county. This in turn will enable us engage fully with the sector in the implementation of the Action Plan.

MCO Projects was commissioned by the Local Enterprise Office to work with the team in facilitating the stakeholder engagement process and preparing the Strategic Action Plan. After each facilitated workshop a summary of the discussions were circulated to attendees and are available below for general information, along with both the full report and the summary report of the Strategic Action Plan For Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal