Donegal Creative Partnership Committee

Creative Partnership Committee

As part of the Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal, a strategic framework is proposed across three key strands of activity – inform, connect and broker – by a creative, public, private partnership, facilitated by the Local Enterprise Office of Donegal County Council.

A high level objective of the Action Plan is the establishment of a Creative Partnership as a structure to oversee and enable the collaborative process of implementation.

This Creative Partnership was established in July 2015 consisting of representatives from the creative industries sectors in Donegal and representatives from the public sector support agencies and organisation. Its key roles are to advise and oversee the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal. It is envisioned this committee will meet seven times annually.

Minutes and updates on the implementation of the Action Plan will be provided on an on-going basis.

If you have any questions around the Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurs in Donegalor would like to request further information please contact or Tel: 074 9160735