Donegal Diaspora Project

Donegal Diaspora

Donegal Diaspora Project

The Donegal Diaspora is defined by Donegal County Council as “the community of Donegal living in the County as well as those with a connection to, or interest in Donegal – no matter where they live”.

Project mission statement:

By drawing on the knowledge, networks and linkages of Donegal’s Diaspora to further the economic, educational, social and cultural development and enhancement of Donegal and its people, both at home and overseas.”

The Donegal Diaspora project was established with the objective of acting as a resource for the economic, social and cultural development of Donegal through working in an innovative an collaborative way to connect Donegal with its global Diaspora family – creating linkages and networks that create and maintain relationships, share experience, and create opportunities and further investment and economic activity in Donegal.  

All our Diaspora, young and old, distant and near, rich or poor, influential or not, are all equally important and precious to us, as part of the global Donegal family and we fully intend as the project evolves to connect with each of you.

We deliver a number of key strategic actions and initiatives to connect with our Diaspora and to give momentum and meaning to the project. These include the development of the Donegal Diaspora website , the development of an e-zine, the organisation of the annual Tip O Neill Irish Diaspora Awards, inward and outward trade missions, the organisation of a number of conferences and exchange visits, the establishment of a range of linkages and exchanges with key persons and organisation who are willing to engage with Donegal and work towards its further development.

I would encourage you to continue to engage with the project, share your stories and experiences and help shape the future of the Donegal Diaspora project.

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