The Food Coast - Donegal's Good Food Initative

What is The Food Coast Initiative?

The Food Coast – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative was developed by Local Enterprise Office Donegal as a programme to support development, growth and quality in Donegal’s food sector

This initiative acts as a central platform for establishing Donegal as a “Food County” – a place with a vibrant food culture and food economy. This will provide food businesses in Donegal with the opportunity to connect with fellow businesses while engaging the support services of the Local Enterprise Office Donegal.

The Food Coast programme is open to anyone with an interest in the county’s food sector – from start-up businesses to established primary producers, farmers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and restaurateurs.

The Donegal Food Strategy which is presented under the banner of The Food Coast initiative has identified core actions needed to develop and sustain the Donegal Food Sector. They can be grouped under the key headings below:

New Food Businesses:

Aim to encourage and facilitate the establishment of new food opportunities in County Donegal, in particular the production of distinctive quality produce, products and added-value food manufacturing businesses, which will add to the food culture of the county.

Existing Food Businesses:

Aim to increase the capability of existing food enterprises and food promoters within Donegal so that they can become more competitive and sustainable, with the potential of developing new market opportunities.

Local Sourcing:

Aim to maximise the amount of quality local produce and products being used by the food sector in Donegal by added-value manufacturers, food service and hospitality businesses and food providers. 

Food Awareness:

Aim to create awareness within Donegal and nationally of the range of quality food producers and providers in the county and the role they play for the local economy, while developing awareness of Donegal as a destination for an exceptional food experience.

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The Food Coast - Donegal's Good Initative

The Food Coast – is a regional branding Initiative which was developed by Local Enterprise Office Donegal to support, celebrate and grow the Donegal food sector.