What is the Mentoring Programme?

As a business owner or manager how many times a week do you find yourself dealing with issues you have never dealt with before? Are you sometimes trying to get things done without the necessary expertise? Such issues can be in business planning, finance, marketing, communications, human resource management, general management or sales.

The Local Enterprise Office’s Mentoring programme is designed to provide practical assistance to you, the owner/manager, to help you tackle such issues effectively.

We have a panel of mentors drawn from experienced business people who are available to help owner/managers like you to grow and develop your skills so that you get the advice you need to overcome issues that could impede your company’s growth.

The mentor’s role is to listen, to provide direction and to assist with the decision making process. Every effort is made to match the mentor’s skills to the specific needs of the business and all discussions between you the client, the mentor and the LEO remain confidential. The Mentoring Programme is heavily subsidised by the LEO but businesses are charged an hourly fee to participate.

How does a business apply for Mentoring?

If you feel that the Mentoring programme would help you to run your business more effectively, please contact Eve Anne McCarron at or call 074 9160735.  We will discuss your needs and give you an application form to fill in. Each request for mentoring is assessed individually and if you get the go ahead, then we’ll set up the first meeting between you the client, the mentor and one of our team. This ensures that your needs and the mentor’s skills set are well matched so that you will get the most out of the programme.