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What is the Mentoring Programme?

As a business owner or manager how many times a week do you find yourself dealing with issues you have never dealt with before? Are you sometimes trying to get things done without the necessary expertise? The mentoring programme can help support and guide you as you develop your skills and capability. 

The Local Enterprise Office’s Mentoring programme is designed to provide practical assistance to you, the owner/manager, to help you tackle such issues effectively and enable you to deal with such challenges in the future. 

There is a panel of mentors established from experienced business people who are available to help owner/managers, like you to grow and develop your skills so that you get the advice you need to overcome issues that could impede your company’s growth.

The mentor’s role is to listen:

To provide direction and to assist with the decision making process in the following ways: 

  • Listen
  • Advise and provide direction
  • Help the promoter identify problems and suggest areas for improvement
  • Discuss solutions and innovative ways of improving business activity
  • Help with the decision making process
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Provide structure and context for discussion
  • Offer assistance in compiling a business plan

What is the cost of Mentoring?

Traditionally there is a fee of €13/hour to the business, and mentoring is normally issued in blocks of 3, 6 or 9 hours. This is decided upon by the Local Enterprise Office and is related to the complexity of the challenge. 

Covid Related Mentoring - Free Mentoring:at the moment, the mentoring service is free with up to 12 hours being allocated to the business. This is decided upon by the Local Enterprise Office.

The Mentoring service will remain free of charge up until until 2nd April 2021 after which we plan to revert to the standard fee of €13/hour.

The Local Enterprise Office will pay 80% of the mentoring assignment cost, the client pays 20%. 

How does a business apply for Mentoring?

In order to avail of the mentoring service you must have a business set up in Donegal. The first step is to complete the online application form. After which you will receive an acknowledgement email. Eve - Anne McCarron, the Business Advisor will then follow up directly with you to assess the need before recommending the assignment and appointing a suitably qualified mentor. 

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If you have any further questions about the mentoring service, please contact Eve - Anne at or call our team at 074-9160735