Donegal Women in Business Network

The Donegal Women in Business Network is aimed at providing a forum for women in business in the County to share their experiences, network and to discuss topical business issues affecting women.  If you wish to join the Donegal Womens in Business Network or if you require further information please contact


Profitnet is a facilitated peer learning programme which has been delivered since February 2008. During this period 10 Profitnet groups have been established and operated in the County with over 200 businesses participating.

The Food Coast Network

The Food Coast – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative has the overall aim of acting as the central platform for establishing Donegal as a “food county” – a place with a vibrant food culture and food economy. The initiative is open to anyone with an interest in the County’s food sector – from start-up businesses to part-time food producers, from on-farm added value producers to established primary producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and restaurant.

Creative Coast Clusters

These creative clusters are informal meetings to network, share ideas and explore possibilities for the sector in Donegal and are held on a regular basis in different locations.