Donegal Women in Business Network

Donegal Women in Business Network

The Donegal Women in Business Network was set up through  Donegal County Enterprise Board in 1999. While retaining strong links with Local Enterprise Office through the years, it is run by a voluntary committee to support all women who work in business – whether you are running your own company, working for an organisation, or thinking of starting an enterprise. It has now become an influential group with 200 members.

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The group has evolved and developed links with Government bodies, private industry, training boards and international groups. The Network is an ambitious, dynamic, and diverse group which brings together women at different stages of business development.

By joining the Network, you will have access to knowledge and expertise from a blend of professions; business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and business minded women who have joined the organisation.

For a membership fee of €50, you have access to a Network that is all about helping our members to succeed. It supports members by

  • Giving shared learning and best practice through regular seminars and workshops
  • Providing Opportunities for businesses to support themselves
  • Being a source of information
  • Organising Network events
  • Enabling members to build up useful business contacts

The Network is open to all women with an interest in business. Whether you are working from the Boardroom or the Kitchen table, this is a network for you.  To join, contact Caitriona, the Network Facilitator at or check out the website on