Grant Process

Step 1 - Eligibility for funding - only certain types of business are eligible for grants. If you are receiving certain types of other state aid you are not eligible for funding (PLEASE READ IN DETAIL)

  • Please note, it is essential to fully investigate the eligibility requirements of these grants before applying.
  • Financial assistance is for businesses with manufacturing or a potential to export its products and/or services. If you have any queries please contact us to discuss your application (Tel: 01 2225611).
  • Local Enterprise Office Dublin City can offer funding to start-ups or established small businesses which:
    • Operate from Dublin City (Click here for map)
    • Have less than 10 employees. We fund sole traders as well as partnerships and limited companies  
    • Operate in the areas of:
      • Manufacturing (including software development) and/or
      • Internationally Traded Services  (i.e. businesses which export or which have the real potential to do so). We also fund businesses whose activities attract tourism to Ireland
      • Retailers (eg. coffee shops) and localservices are NOT eligible for any funding 
  • If you meet the support criteria Finance is available for qualifying projects by way of grants and repayable loans (Click here to see the types of grants available).
  • Your grant application and approval should be before you incur any costs or before you hire a new employee (in the case of employment grants).  
  • A business availing of JOPBSPLUS cannot receive aid from other State sources for the employment costs of that same employee. Applicants are  not eligible to claim both JOBSPLUS and Priming or Business Development grants for the same employee salaries. If applying subsequently to LEO Dublin City after receiving JOBSPLUS, the JOBSPLUS aid must be declared .

Step 2 - Develop Your Business Plan

  • The Local Enterprise Office offers a range of business seminars for exploring your business idea and 'Start Your Own Business' training courses that help you develop your Business Plan and financial projections (Click here for details).
  • Once you have a Draft Business Plan it is useful to get some feedback. You might consider applying for the Local Enterprise Office Mentor Programme to help prepare your application (Click here for details).

Step 3 - Other Sources of Finance for Your Small Business

  • Micro Finance Ireland
  • Halo Business Angel Partnership
  • Inner City Enterprise provides  loans of up to €5,000 to start up or expanding new businesses. Inner City Enterprise provides loans to people who want to create their own enterprise and who cannot access funding, or sufficient funding, from other sources for more information contact or Call: 01 6174852
  • Your local Bank or Credit Union

Step 4 - Grants & Refundable Financial Assistance 

  • Please note most financial assistance includes a refundable loan. In some cases the financial assistance may be 33%, 50% or 100% refundable.

Step 5 - Applications for Eligible Businesses (read Step 1 )

  • Click here for details of the Application Process
  • If you have applied for Enterprise Ireland or have received Enterprise Ireland funding/ Innovation Voucher or JobPlus funding you will need to declare this. This excludes you from receiving Local Enterprise Office funding. We double check but this saves us time.
  • Please note we can only accept a limited number of applications per round. It is advisable not to wait until the deadline day to submit your application. Any applications which are submitted after our quota has been reached will be put forward to the next round.
  • Please note that businesses assisted from Local Enterprise Office are considered; ‘beneficiaries of aid under the 07-13 ROP and must accept their inclusion in the list of beneficiaries published in accordance with point (d) of Article 7(2) of the Implementation Regulation’