Thomas Cullen


Thomas is a professional Trainer, Lecturer, Mentor and Business Coach with 30+ Years’ experience delivering programmes for Start –Up, Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises.
He has vast experience in maximising performance, competencies and skills for owners /management. An individual with strong commercial acumen and a strategically critical thinker, he has worked with both indigenous and multinational organisations .


Thomas has a balanced portfolio of academic and career achievements which will be detailed below . He has a practical approach based on sound business experience in fast moving and varied environments and sectors.

Thomas is resourceful, adaptable, conscientious, able to identify prioritise, make decisions and promote co-operation and productivity.

Whether you are a new, small, expanding entity or a large organization, Thomas can assist in providing the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively, efficiently and economically support the critical businesses management functions. He has also developed a wide range of techniques and tools to facilitate strategic thinking and development.

Area of experience:

• Starting and Developing Business
• Preparing Business and Strategic Plans.
• Generating Business Ideas
• Human Resources Management
• Financial Management
• Researching the Feasibility of Business Ideas
• Market Research,
• Preparing a “Pitch”
• Business Development and Growth
• Organisational Development

Sector Experience

Transport / Distribution Retail Wholesale Manufacturing Hospitality Food Service Leisure Construction and related services Engineering Waste Management Printing and packaging Utilities Public Services Bodies Local Authorities Life Sciences Agriculture Fisheries Procurement