Bookkeeping for Small Business

National College of Ireland, IFSC
14:00 - 18:00

Develop an understanding of accounting and book-keeping. Know how to complete books/records towards completing tax returns and VAT 3 Forms. Understand financial data in your business.

This event is no longer available

Bookkeeping for Small Business  


Course Outline

This practical workshop will focus on developing the skills and know-how of the participants in basic bookkeeping for small business.


After the workshop participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of accounting and book-keeping
  • Know how to complete books/records towards completing tax returns and VAT 3 Forms
  • Understand financial data in their business


Training content will be on:

  • Understanding Financial Terminology
  • Applying main accounting concepts
  • Understanding the Principles of Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Completing Books/Records - how and what
  • Accounting and Book-keeping - preparation of prime books (Sales Day Book, Purchases Day Book, Cash Book, Payments, Double Entry System and Trial Balance)
  • Preparing profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet statements and understanding  the relationship between them
  • Business Taxation to include PAYE, Employer/Employee PRSI, USC and VAT


Objectives – Be able to:

  • Prepare the Prime Books of Entry
  • Apply the concepts of Double Entry to accounts
  • Understand the importance of recording VAT
  • Dealing with Payroll
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash flow
  • Understand key terminology of profit and loss
  • Understand key terminology of the balance sheet


Delivery Methodology:  The workshop will feature group work, individual tasks, Q & A and exercises. The priority is to equip participants with knowledge and skills which they can implement in their business.