Planning and managing your working week more effectively

Online delivery via zoom
20th January 2022
9:30am - 12:30pm

Increase effectiveness, efficiency & productivity by improving time management. Prioritise & organise how you dedicate your time to personal & work tasks so you can maximise how much time you have available to your business.

This event is no longer available


This programme is designed for anyone who needs to understand how to manage their own time in order to meet deadlines and objectives for high priority tasks and/or those who feel that there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish their goals and are always looking back wondering why they did not accomplish the tasks they had set out to achieve.


Programme Objectives

Specifically, the programme objectives are as follows:

  • 1.Identify the key time management issues that participants are currently facing
  • 2.Understand why these issues arise
  • 3.Evaluate how participants use their time
  • 4.Improve their skills in setting priorities
  • 5.Improve awareness of the importance of setting clear goals
  • 6.Scheduling and Planning of Work (Using Time Management Matrix)
  • 7.Assist in identifying the practical tools, techniques, and resources to ensure that their planned activities will be achieved
  • 8.The Five W’s – Who else, What Else, Where Else, When and Why?
  • 9.Help minimize wasted time particularly on minor tasks and manage interruptions
  • 10.Provide useful tips and suggestions.

At the end of this programme, participants will have gained clear and valuable insights and guidelines on how to manage time successfully, ensuring that their time is focussed on high priority tasks.