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This is to register your interest for a 4 weeks Fundamentals of Business Accounting. This programme is designed to help participants to make the best use of financial information through accounting in managing their company’s financial affairs.

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A 4-sessions programme is designed to help participants gain an insight into the financial tools used for day-to-day management of any company’s finances and feel comfortable working with and understanding this information. These skills will enhance their ability to make decisions and to control operations more effectively. 

By learning the fundamentals of small business finance, participants will be able to apply their knowledge in a practical way to their business. In the technological environment we live in, learners will also be more confident using financial software and apps as a way of streamlining the financial function as they will have a strong grasp of the basic accountancy practices which drive these apps and software packages.


Programme Objectives: 

On completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand financial terminology
  • Have a clearer understanding of financial statements
  • Interpret financial reports and accounts correctly
  • Develop and create in line appropriate budgets
  • Use accounts and management information systems to better manage operations
  • Fundamentals of management accounting
  • Analysing the Balance Sheet
  • Financial dashboard
  • Effective financial forecasting

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