Aine Gleeson

Áine Gleeson

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Áine, a talented and energetic businesswoman from Ennis, has passionately spent 16 years growing her online business and selling to areas of the world she never thought imaginable.

As a child, Áine’s parents gave her everything she needed but nothing that she wanted - the ‘wanted bits' she was told were something she could imagine and work hard for. While she agrees that no single approach works in business, the discipline she has within her to strive hard and persevere has been one of the key reasons for her happiness today both at home and at

People’s names, spellings and the meaning of names (nicknames) have always fascinated Áine and she is always amazed at how quickly people respond and interact when their name is called. She showed a flair for creativity, crafting, leadership and entrepreneurship from a very young age. With a wealth of experience in business while working in London and the US, she was eager to develop her own business. She tells a very interesting story about the journey of The business now operates from a large fulfilment centre in Ennis, ships to 26 countries on a weekly basis and employs 9 amazing creative ladies who bring joy to so many people’s lives every day. She says that each day is a new day for learning….and each order at WowWee is somebody’s story.

Aine lives with her husband John and her 3 adult children in Ennis. She has recently won the National Enterprise 'Lean Champion’ Award at Croke Park and also was 'Clare’s Overall Winner' of the National Enterprise Awards 2020.

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