Caroline Lane

Caroline Lane grew up in a big Georgian house in Co Meath, surrounded by horses, dogs and cats. She was riding ponies before she could walk so it was inevitable that she would do something with animals. She qualified as a riding instructor at 18 years of age and then went on to run a number of riding centres. She worked with horses in USA, Canada and Denmark before studying Marketing and Business. She combined her horse knowledge with her interesting in marketing by working as Marketing Manager in a number of riding centres. In 1995, Caroline set up Equipeople which has become the number one agricultural work experience company in the world. As a result of this Caroline has worked on a number of specialised projects including as a consultant on the EU project European Equine Entrepreneur. Caroline was also consultant on the large Cherry Orchard project in Dublin on behalf of the Department of Justice. She has lectured on marketing in a number of countries including USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain and Sweden. She travels 8 – 10 times per year presenting to colleges but this year has her wings clipped because of Covid.

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Equipeople is the number one agricultural and equine work experience organisation in the world. By coming to Ireland students not only gain the practical experience required by their college or university, but at the same time improve their English language skills and in most cases the EU pays for it through the Erasmus +, PON, Otlas or French Regional Counsel programmes. In a normal year, Equipeople welcomes about 800 students into Ireland and has a host base of about 350 approved host placements.

Equipeople also looks after specialised study tours for American Universities and European colleges. The theme of the tour is normally requested by the university so it could be a specialised tour of the thoroughbred sector in Ireland or an equine business tour or maybe a dairy tour. The client decides what they would like to achieve while they are here. We have also looked after a number of adult tours such as a group of professors from a Moscow university and an active retired group from France.

The third section of the company sources young Irish people to work at Summer Camps in USA, Canada and South Africa. We currently have six full time staff and normally at this time of year would also have three temporary part-time native language speakers helping out.

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