Dr Laura Lenihan

Dr Laura, General Practitioner, is one of the most relatable and honest voices online in the health industry. With over 41,000 Instagram followers, and counting, her genuine and applicable approach to health, especially in the areas of women’s health, paediatrics, dermatology, and skin care, has ensured she is trusted by thousands. Dr Laura lives in Galway where she is establishing her first clinic due to launch in the Autumn of 2020.

From here, she will provide GP services specialising in women’s health and skincare treatments. From contraception, family planning, early fertility investigations to menopause consultations, Dr Laura’s clinic will put family at the heart of her practice. Along with supporting women and families on Instagram, Dr Laura actively writes for her own website sharing advice and support on some of the most asked questions on family life, and other varied issues. She also contributes to national newspapers and magazines and has guested on various podcasts as an expert in her field.


Web:                          www.drlauragp.com

Instagram                @drlauragp