Pamela Laird

Moxi Loves is the hottest name in the industry and is bringing innovative, clever, clean beauty products to the masses. At the forefront of emerging trends, the brand is designed to make travel beauty simple, fun and affordable.Pamela Laird 220x140.jpg

The brand was developed through Pamela's experiences growing up. Her mother owned her own beauty salon and from a young age Pam was completely immersed in all things cosmetic. It wasn't long before she herself became totally obsessed with the products and she decided her passion was clear.

With her mother owning her own beauty salon, Pam found herself immersed in the beauty industry and it wasn't long before she became totally obsessed. For her, there really was never any other option other than beauty, and a few years ago Pamela recognised the opportunity to create something that could really make a difference. She decided to make changes to current products on the market, and focused on making good skincare and beauty hacks available to all, and Moxi Loves was born!

Pamela appeared front and centre on the 15th season of the award winning ‘The Apprentice’ on BBC one, Pamela came third on the show before being fired by Lord Sugar.

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