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Food Businesses Attend Event at Dublin Airport

Food business owners prepared their businesses for ‘take-off’ this week, as they gathered in Dublin Airport for the Dublin Food Chain business event

Startups recorded in January matched pre-recession totals

Figures show that 1511 Irish company startups were incorporated in Jan. '14. This is the first time since '08 that this figure reached the 1500 mark in a month.

Fingal Food Entrepreneurs ‘Spice Up’ Business Opportunities

The pioneering Food Academy Start programme commenced in Dublin on February 7th. The initiative aims to help Dublin-based food entrepreneurs.

Food Academy Start Programme - Applications

Applications are being taken for an exciting new food academy start programme which will run over a 2-month period in early 2014.

Student Entrepreneurship Scores High in Fingal

Over 2,000 students from across North Dublin are participating in the biggest ever Fingal Student Enterprise Awards Programme.