Prepare Your Business for Customs - Friday 7th May 2021

Online Delivery via Zoom
09:30 - 16:30

The workshop will cover how export and import customs procedures on trade with ‘Third Countries’ apply, how tariffs work and the need to correctly classify your goods.

This event is no longer available

Friday 7th May 2021

Prepare Your Business for Customs

While COVID-19 prevention is now critical to everyone’s health, the need to overcome pending Brexit Customs issues is now becoming essential for most businesses. Irish Revenue have indicated that over 90,000 businesses will be affected and DBEI highlighted that 85% of SMEs at risk following transition.

The online workshop will help you understand the pending Customs documentation requirements and procedures needed. You will become familiar with the customs compliance requirements that will affect your company, on trading with the UK, outside the EU. This online workshop will help you to brainstorm the urgent tasks and applications needed to mitigate costly delays and penalties.

You will learn about the potential impacts, formalities and procedures you will need to adopt when trading with a country which is outside the Single Market and Custom Union.

Workshop Contents

    • Understanding Customs – background to the role of customs and details of customs-business partnership
    • Customs Concepts: Compliance and Risk – Rules of Origin, Tariffs, Valuation
    • Customs Clearance Processes in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK
    • Understanding Special Customs Procedures
    • Customs Authorisations – what is needed in your business and what is best to outsource