ExOrdo - A Galway Success Story

Ex Ordo is a technology company that helps academics to manage research events.

Our technology automates the process of a running a research conference and eliminates about 80% of the administrative burden placed on senior academics.

The system collects submissions from researchers and then allocates them to reviewers. Each reviewer will then score the research and provide feedback to the authors. Finally, the aggregated scores are used to decide if the research should be accepted for presentation at the conference. All accepted research is compiled as a 600 page Book of Abstracts. Our platform provides a digital alternative to printing this book and therefore saves organisers €1k – €20k in print fees. Instead, delegates access the accepted research on tablet devices, computers and smart phones. Ex Ordo is an e-publishing platform for academic conferences.

Academics have very busy schedules. In addition to running a conference, they must also carry out their normal day to day duties; supervising research students, lecturing undergraduates, publishing papers and applying for research grants. By eliminating 80% of the administrative burden (15 man days), academics can spend more time on their day to day jobs and less time on conference admin. Most conference chairs are first time organisers and their reputation is on the line in front of their peers. Our team of academic advisers provide one to one mentorship at key milestones when critical decisions need to be made. Ex Ordo is that little voice in an academic’s ear making sure that they never fail.

Ex Ordo is loved and used by thousands of academics all over the world.

About the Company

Ex Ordo is a privately held Irish technology company based in Galway, Ireland. The company develops web application software that enables academics and researchers to manage events. The founders of the company started developing technology for academic conferences back in 2008. As the technology matured and the number of customers grew, the company re-branded and was formally incorporated in 2011.

Today the company has offices in Galway, London and San Jose. And their technology is being used by academic conferences in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia. The company expects that Ex Ordo will become the industry standard platform for running research conferences by 2016. The company is backed by Enterprise Ireland (government agency responsible for supporting Irish businesses), the Galway Enterprise Board and other private investors. The company is actively seeking investment.

Ex Ordo has received both financial and soft supports from the Galway County & City Enterprise Board. Find out more from Ex Ordo on their website www.exordo.com