Irish Socksciety

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Irish Socksciety combines the Irish heritage and humor with a perspective of an immigrant with a huge passion for Ireland (Alex and Joanna are originally from Poland).

We are the only brand designing high quality (almost 90% cotton), unisex, funky, affordable socks inspired by the Irish humour and lifestyle. Designs are inspired by day to day conversations - Bye Bye Bye / Did you turn off the Immersion? / Hurling Socks - Pull Hard / Irish Rugby / Howya Any Craic? Etc. Our socks are more than an accessory or a gift, they bring a smile (recall memories, identity) and comfort of a great quality, local product that is environmentally friendly. We offer an innovative socks subscriptions, including customized subscription that allows a customers to decide on delivery dates. We offer bespoke socks design for businesses and individuals. So far we have designed socks for Croke Park Event and Marketing, The Galway Races, we have teamed up with Irish Cancer Society and created their Daffodil Day Socks and Father's Day Socks available in Boots all over Ireland, Titan HQ, Tigh Neachtain Galway, Gourmet Tart, The Blue Note, Kai Restaurant, Hazel Mountain Chocolate, HubSpot, The Dock, O'Sullivan Golf and Travel Charlie Byrne's Book Shop, Druid's Glen Hotel and more. We are in a process of designing for companies in Norway and Northern Ireland.

What can you tell us about the early days and how it all started?

Our business was launched in October 2017 but it took us around 16 month of customer, product and market research until we got to the the right prototype, packaging and strategy. Our initial business - Olyart Irish Souvenirs - is running since 2011 and we were searching for a new product to add to our range. Once we came up with socks and have finalised the market research we have realised Irish Socksciety should run as a separate business with different target market and approach.

What were the high points and low points when you were a start-up?

We still consider Irish Socksciety as a start-up. High points is the confidence based in a good market research that followed with sales. Low point is always the time, it feels that days are too short.

What was your big ‘break-through’ moment?

When we launched the website. We were getting online sales from the day one which was absolutely fantastic.

Your Local Enterprise Office (LEO) has supported your business. Tell us about these supports and what impact they have had?

Galway LEO has always been very helpful. Mentoring sessions with Declan Droney supported by LEO definitely helped us come up with a good strategy. Key help was the Trading Online Voucher that covered part of the costs of the e-commerce and photography. Galway LEO CEO Breda Fox is very driven and her advice and support are always priceless.

Are you optimistic about the future?

With a good plan and enthusiasm - yes.

What’s next on the business agenda for your company?

We are getting ready for the National Ploughing Championships 2018 where we represent County Galway in the LEO Village. Later in December we will be exhibiting at Gifted in RDS. We are planning to come up with few more designs to surprise our followers. Also we continue to design bespoke designs for businesses.

What’s the best piece of advice you got about running a business?

Every product is fantastic but if it doesn't meet the right customer it never builds a sustainable business. Market research, talking to potential customers helps stay focused and open-minded. Positive and humble attitude are the key whether it's towards your customer, product or your own self.