OnePageCRM tours the UK

Former LEO-Galway client Michael Fitzgerald has taken his business on tour.

Michael (of OnePageCRM) covered the length and breadth of the UK on the CEO Tour. (Sept-Oct 2018) A natural sales and productivity master, who thinks best in front of a whiteboard, Michael offered to apply the principles he lives and works by to an issue at hand of the SME’s he meets with. In return, he set out to learn from everyone he connected with along the route.  



How It Works

The trip includes stops with customers, guest speaker slots at select business events, and further opportunities that may arise as the trip gains momentum.  

At each planned destination, Michael will sit down beside the key people and learn what drives them, what forms their sales process, and what gets in the way.

SMEs are encouraged to invite guests and local media to make the most of this unique road trip.


 ‘No matter what industry you work in, meeting face-to-face is still the most effective way to capture attention, engage in conversation, and drive productive collaboration – and what better way to do this than by arriving right on your doorstep in a motorhome?

With the CEO Tour, I want to challenge the modus operandi of small business and introduce a different, global way of thinking in light of the uncertain times ahead. I want to build trust, understanding, and a sense of a shared mission with all those I meet along the way – all of which are critical elements towards building a strong UK and Ireland.

Join me as I travel across the UK championing the SME, meeting OnePageCRM customers, charities, and politicians, and shaking up small business.’

-      Michael Fitzgerald


Launched in 2010, OnePageCRM is designed, developed, and marketed from the tech hotspot of Galway. This start-up is now moving into the exciting growth phase and expanding with a global team of software engineers that includes remote members from as far as Columbia and Russia. With an extraordinarily loyal customer base, building on this following, the aim is 60,000 customers in 6 years, growing the team and the app in conjunction.

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