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Solaris Botanicals creates organic teas and health-related products for export to mainland Europe, Scandinavia and the United Arab Emirates.

The company was founded by Jörg Müller and Karen Wieland. Solaris Botanicals has been grant-aided in the past by the Galway County and City Enterprise Board (now LEO Galway), which nominated the firm for the prestigious 2014 National Enterprise Awards, at which it won the title of ‘Best Start-Up.’

The company is based in Ballybane Business Park, and specialises in the blending and preparation of International Award winning Whole-Leaf Organic Teas.

Solaris is currently exporting to high-end delis, restaurants, hotels and spas throughout the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovenia, Finland and Saudi Arabia.

The company says ‘After years of travelling and sourcing the finest, organic, raw ingredients for our teas, our daily inspiration and motivation remains the same: sharing our love for the freshest, crispest cup of tea – pure from leaf to cup.’

Find out more about Solaris by visiting their website HERE.

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