New report lists Galway among tier-two Start Up cities


Just 48 European cities will be likely driving the innovation economy in the next years.

That’s according to the latest report from ‘Mind the Bridge,’ called Start-Up City Hubs in Europe which lists Galway as a ‘teir-two’ start-up city.

The report says: ‘The emergence of ‘tier-two’ scaleup hubs is an interesting phenomenon that is common to most of the European countries. Their potential and role both in innovation and local development cannot be neglected. Therefore strategies to support and connect these second-tier hubs at an international level and to increase their participation in the startup economy are key at both national and European level.’

The report defines a scaleup as a tech company which has raised over a million US dollars.

Galway has been placed at 87 out of 428 Tier-Two StartupCity Hubs analysed in the report.

Download the full report here