FREE Brexit mentoring programmes for small Galway businesses


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Local Enterprise Office Galway is offering a FREE BREXIT mentoring programme for small businesses across Galway city and county.

Latest opinion suggests that to agree a deal with the EU, Britain will have to accept a customs union and other conditions – and the ability to pass these conditions through parliament in London look remote. The risk to ALL Galway businesses in this eventuality -exporting or non-exporting - is high.

The aim of this programme from LEO Galway is to allow businesses to review possible impacts on their businesses such as longer lead times for inbound and outbound products, additional paperwork, potential tariffs, loss of competitiveness, and loss of sales to the UK.

A skilled mentor can help you audit your business and developed a focused BREXIT action plan to meet your needs and protect your business and employees from the negative impacts expected once the UK leaves the EU.

Clients will complete an online ‘Brexit scorecard,’ and will then work with a mentor to clearly think through their business strategy, specifically in relation to Brexit, and then to define this strategy in an action plan that is meaningful and measurable.

The intervention will result in a Brexit action plan for each client specific to their business needs to clearly separate their current state of self-assessment and business action plan vis-à-vis their relative positioning on completion of the mentoring programme.

Businesses will usually be offered five sessions with a mentor.

Over the course of the mentoring programme, six key pillars of self-assessment will be examined - including business strategy, operations, innovation, sales/marketing, finance and HR.

The programme will explore the causes and effects of BREXIT, threats and opportunities arising from it, and getting your business BREXIT ready.

The scheme will also see businesses educated on ways to streamline and improve their business, with the option to consider further training such as the LEO Galway Lean for Micro programme.

Clients may also be able to access funding for low rates of interest based on the resulting business plan - which clearly outlines the exposure to the client on his/her business model .


Any business interested in being considered for a free BREXIT mentoring programme can find out more by emailing - it is advised that you first try out the BREXIT scorecard - click HERE