LEO Galway workshop will help improve your negotiating skills and get the best deal for your business


Interested in improving your negotiating skills to get the best deal for your business? LEO Galway can help.

Strong negotiating skills are vital to the success of any business. Whether you’re dealing with clients, suppliers, contractors or even rivals – the ability to engage in successful negotiation is crucial. 

Local Enterprise Office Galway is holding a one day course in April which will equip you with the tools needed to enter every type of negotiation with skill and confidence!

Whether you’re seeking a better deal from suppliers, engaging with clients, or negotiating salaries with new employees – this workshop will ensure your business is putting its best foot forward in every scenario.

The event is just €50 and will take place on Tuesday April 7th at 9.30am.

Book your place here: https://bit.ly/3ctWtV1