New study aims to create AgTech cluster in the West

New study aims to create AgTech cluster in the West

A new study is being carried out by Local Enterprise Office Galway with a view to supporting job creation and retention in the AgTech sector. The study is being conducted across counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon as part of the Regional Enterprise Plan.

The study aims to discover what supports could be provided to accelerate growth of businesses in this sector in the three counties.

A number of significant opportunities exist in the AgTech space – including the opportunity to network companies which are currently operating separately, to bring sub-suppliers into food production, and to explore the potential of collaboration across the West of Ireland and beyond.

AgTech is a growing sector employing around 500 people, but there is no clear picture of the landscape and what these companies might need in order to develop and scale. This examination of agri companies aims to assess the feasibility of creating a network across Galway, Mayo and Roscommon which could eventually connect further into national networks.

The scoping study being undertaken by Local Enterprise Office Galway will explore the three county’s AgTech capacity, profiling the companies working in the sector, their current activity, export potential and numbers of jobs supported. It also aims to determine the types of supports the Local Enterprise Office network offers to agri companies in areas such as Agri tech, engineering, interactive farming products and forestry among others.

LEO Galway is calling on agri companies across the west to get in touch if they are interested in taking part in this study. Involvement will include a visit from a Business Development Consultant to build up an overall picture of the sector – along with the challenges and opportunities faced by these businesses.

The information gathered through this process will be used to create a Best Practice model for the AgTech sector in the region and examine the possibility of programme development to increase scale in the existing companies, as well as encouraging start-ups in the AgTech space.

Breda Fox, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Galway says: ‘Building a network of businesses in different sectors has shown to be a very successful way of improving the environment for all. Businesses now have the opportunity to share ideas and address common problems which may be difficult for any one business to tackle on its own.’

Companies interested in getting involved in this process can contact LEO Galway at 091-509090, or email