Vote for Galway in the Foodie Destinations 2018 awards


Galway has been nominated for Foodie Destinations 2018 and needs your vote to win! 

It's an amazing opportunity to support and showcase Galway's food scene, from our local cafés and restaurants all the way to our hard-working farmers and producers. 

All you have to do is follow the link below and give Galway Gastronomy your vote!

Towns, regions and communities from all over the country are invited to battle it out to be named Ireland’s top destination for a foodie experience.

The Winner The ‘Foodie Destination of Ireland’ award will recognise a destination that actively promotes itself through joint promotional activities such as food festivals, gourmet trails or farmers’ markets as well as great dining experiences.

The winner will have established a local producer/supplier network which is utilised and promoted by local businesses. Plans for future growth and investment into the food and hospitality industry at a local level will also be taken into consideration by judges.

Education, training, development and employment will be key components of the ultimate foodie destination. This year, not only will there be a ‘Foodie Destination’ winner, there will also be the addition of a new category ‘Foodie Town’. This new category refers to both towns and villages.

Tourism or vacationing should be a primary component of the local culture and economy. These towns offer a stand-alone, unique food and tourism visitor experience which does not expand out to the surrounding areas.

Communities across the country are urged to get involved and work with local businesses, foodie groups and Chambers of Commerce and other working groups to submit their applications and promote their area to both local people and visitors.

The greater the engagement between town officials, the community and the awards process, the greater chances the town has to win the coveted title.

The winning town will be crowned ‘Foodie Destination of Ireland 2018’ at an event in August.