Food & Drink Networking Sessions

Food and Drink Network

The Food and Drink networking sessions will commence this Autumn with a series of talks from Eileen McClure of Kitchen Incubators Kerry & Killarney Toffee. Eileen will run a series of three sessions from a realising your idea to growing and increasing sales. Although the sessions are organised as a series, food and drink producers can attend any session on an ad hoc basis.

Session 1: Eileen will discuss how to turn your kitchen into an approved space for producing your food product and how to take the next step into a commercial kitchen, how to plan your product development and get certified by the Environment Health Inspector. Also what you need to know and do about HCAAP training. Thursday 17th September

Session2:‘Moving Forward – Scaling Up’: Eileen will continue the series with the next steps in developing your food product. She will talk about; Where are you going with your product; what are you doing about it; have you carried out market research and if not what to do. Identify your targets; distribution opportunities; pricing and margins. Tuesday 6th October

Session 3: ‘Growing & Increasing Sales’: For the third session in the series Eileen will look at your current market position and what you need to do to grow and start increasing sales. Tuesday 27th October 

  • All sessions will run from 6.30pm – 8pm and are free to participate. However as places fill up quickly you will need to book your place asap. You can book at:
  • The sessions will take place in the Council Chambers the County Buildings, Prospect Hill,  Galway.

Eileen McClure - Kitchen Incubators Kerry & Killarney Toffee

Eileen was raised in Dublin and graduated from the College of Marketing and Design. She moved to Chicago in the mid -80’s and there met and married Ray. Twenty years later and with 3 sons and family dog in tow, they moved to Killarney Co Kerry. Starting a small food business had always been a dream and so they decided to make it happen. Ray needed a fully equipped commercial kitchen to rent so they could develop a unique confectionery product.  No such kitchen existed and so was born Kitchen Incubators Kerry, the first fully equipped incubator kitchen facility in Ireland. So now with production kitchens available, developing Killarney Toffee was able to proceed. Last summer it launched in Ireland and it is heading to the United States later this year.