Building Craft & Design Enterprise Galway

Building Craft and Design Enterprise Galway


We are looking for ambitious creative enterprises that want to inject new ideas and approaches to product development into their practice. Boost your product into the market through a series of design led workshops.

Building Craft and Design Enterprise Programme

Over the course of eight months you will undertake:

  • Research mission to London trade show & retail visits.
  • Enhance your design and product 
  • Brand your product effectively.
  • Cost and promote your product in the marketplace
  • 10 days training
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring sessions
  • Considered for a stand in the Enterprise Zone of Showcase Ireland 2019


1. Introduction to the BCDE programme, value of Market Research, principles of marketing for the creative sector, current Design and Business trends:  14th March

How marketing principles apply to a creative business.  Is there a demand for what you make?  Do you know your best route[s] to market? Who are your competitors? How can you keep visible? Are you up to speed with trends for Design 2018 and beyond?

Tutor: Suzanne May 

1.    Product Development Part 1: 15th March

How do you approach making? Do you think design, function, form? Building on your successes. What do your customers need? How do you present your work? Production planning . Time management

Tutor: Suzanne May


  1. My Business Structure & Organisation: 16th  April  

10 steps to good business practice:

Tutor: Marian McDonald


  1. Costing and Pricing my design and production:  17th April

How much is your customer willing to pay? How can you get a good margin? 

Tutor: Marian McDonald


  1. Research mission to London trade show & retail visits:

Accompanied research trip to London from 13th –15th May for Pulse Show and associated retail visits - or - from 9th -11th Sept, for Top Drawer / London Design Biennale

(Final decision regarding which show will depend on the composition of the group and their businesses)


  1. Website audit and Optimization:   4thJuly

A critical analysis of individual websites and optimisation and commercialisation strategy.

Tutor: Mark Sobczyk


  1. Channels to Market, PR & Branding: 22nd August 

How do you plan on getting your product to market? Do you have an idea for a campaign? Can you get the media to take notice?

Tutors: Colin McKeown and Pamela Flynn PR

7.    Retail Relations & Export Potential: October 9th

Where are you going to sell? Online, direct retail, wholesale, internationally? Everywhere you can? What’s your strategy, have you considered design for export? How can you get into retail stores?

Tutor: Kate Hickey


  1. One to one mentoring in business, sales, design:  10th October

Individual mentoring sessions in each area will be allocated beforehand.

9.    Product Development Part 2 (1-2-1 Clinics): 16th – 18th October

The 1-2-1 clinics are a follow up from the product development part 1 segment of the programme and will run over 3 days. The clinics are a focussed one to one session, and include an audit and review of current product offerings and provide the opportunity to engage and discuss new and developing work. Thereby generating an individual action plan of key achievable tasks to be undertaken to improve the viability of their product or R & D of alternative products. Each participant will have one mentoring session over the three days.

Tutor: Suzanne May


10. Trade Fair Preparation & certificate Presentation.   23rd October

Tutor: Suzanne May






  • Awareness of future trends
  • A move towards new products/ ranges for launch 
  • Tools you can use for future product development
  • Strategies for getting your product to market.

The fee to participate is 150 euro and this programme is heavily subsidised.

Application Criteria: 

  • At least 18 months in business
  • Work full time in fashion/ceramics/jewellery/accessories/furniture and have their brand/ label as their primary source of income
  • Interested in working with other designer-makers to grow their brand/label
  • Registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland


For information on upcoming Craft programmes please email