Application Forms

Below are copies of the application forms for our main supports in eForm/PDF format

(Application forms with the eForm format can easily be edited on your computer and saved)

1. For Mentoring Support please complete this application form:

mentoring form 2018 gdpr v2.docx (size 214.7 KB)

Mentoring Application form (pdf version).pdf (size 862 KB)

Meantóireacht.doc (size 651.8 KB)

Meantóireacht (pdf).pdf (size 806.4 KB)

2. For a Feasibility Grant please complete this application form: 

Feasibility Study Grant Application Form (eForm).pdf (size 1.3 MB)

Foirm Iarratais ar Dheontas Staidéar Féidearthachta

3. For a Business Start Up Grant (aka Priming Grant) please complete this application form:

Priming Grant Application (eForm).pdf (size 2.4 MB)

Foirm Iarratais ar Dheontas Prímeála (eForm).pdf (size 2.4 MB)

4. For a Business Expansion Grant please complete this application form:

Business Expansion Grant Application Form (eForm).pdf (size 2.4 MB)

Foirm Iarratais ar Dheontas Leathnaithe Gnó (eForm).pdf (size 2.4 MB)

If you wish to complete the financial projections for the Business Start Up Grant or the Business Expansion Grant using a spreadsheet, you can find a template here Financial Projections spreadsheet.xls (size 40.4 KB)

NOTE: Applications for Financial Support are submitted to the Evaluation & Approvals Committee for appraisal. This committee comprises members of the business community, financial institutions and local authority and they meet circa every two months. All documents relating to the application are submitted to the the committee one week in advance of their meeting for consideration.

The closing dates for 2018 Feasibility, Priming and Business Expansion grants are listed below. However early submission is recommended to allow review and amendments if required.

Meeting #Closing Date
Meeting 117/01/2018
Meeting 214/03/2018
Meeting 325/04/2018
Meeting 413/06/2018
Meeting 522/08/2018
Meeting 624/10/2018

5. For a Micro Finance Ireland Loan application please go the Microfinance Ireland website at :

Note that Kerry LEO can offer assistance with the completion of a Microfinance loan application via our mentoring service.

6. For a Trading Online Voucher application please complete this application form:

TOV Application Form 2018

7. For an Export Assistance Grant application please complete this application form:

TAME 2018.doc (size 120.3 KB)