How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram (Level 2)

How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram (Level 2)

If you are relatively new to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you should attend the Level 1 course first which will explain all the fundamentals that you need to know.

If you are already comfortable with using the Facebook Ads tool and how to target your ads this Level 2 course will explain how to take your campaigns to the next level by creating campaigns with multiple adsets and tracking your conversions on your website, not just clicks.

Topics that we will cover

  • Some additional advanced targeting options such as those who engaged most with you on Facebook and Instagram and those who engage most on your website.
  • How to run a campaign in the Ads tool.
  • How do you then add more “adsets” to your campaign?
  1. Overview of how a campaign is structured (Campaign / Adsets / Ads).
  2. How to duplicate an existing adset to easily create 2-3 more adsets targeting new audiences.
  3. How to monitor how each adset is performing.
  • How to setup conversion tracking for your ads.
  • How to monitor conversions for your ads, especially across adsets.

Who is this course suitable for?

This is suitable for you if you have already used the Ads Tool in Facebook. If you have not advertised or just boosted a post, you should attend the Level 1 course first.

This programme is not for digital marketing trainers/consultants or website designers.

Course Methodology

This is a 3-hour LIVE online course which you can attend from your home or office using a PC / MAC or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones, but you do not need a webcam). Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be.

How does it work?

Click on this link to watch a video which explains how the online course works:

This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd