How to design eye catching images for your website and social media

How to design eye-catching graphics for your website and social media posts

Would you like to know how you can improve your social media posts by using eye-catching graphics and images? And would you like to be able to design your own graphics for your website?

This training course will explain where to get high quality images and how to edit images (e.g., cropping, adding text, adding your logo, adding animations) to give your social media posts and website images a greater impact.

Who is this course suitable for?

Beginners. You don’t need to have any experience of editing images. However, you must be comfortable using a laptop and also using mobile apps.

This programme is not for digital marketing trainers/consultants or website designers.

Course Methodology:

This is a 3-hour LIVE online course which you can attend from your home or office using a PC / MAC / Smartphone or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones but you do not need a webcam). Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be.

How does it work?

Click on this link to watch a video which explains how the online course works.

This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd

What we will cover

Where to get eye catching images

  • Where to get free and paid images using your PC or Phone

How to edit images on your PC / Laptop

  • How to remove the background from a product or person image and how to add a white background.
  • How to to crop your image to specific sizes, add text, add your logo

How to edit images on your phone / tablet

  • How to use 2-3 apps that make it easy to crop images, enhance the colour, add text, add your logo, add animated text, add animations

How to use these tools and techniques to design a:

  • Post for Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  • Facebook cover image
  • Website graphics
  • Video thumbnails for YouTube and Instagram