How to use Instagram For Marketing

How to use Instagram For Marketing (Level 1)


Would you like to know how you could use Instagram to market your business?

This LIVE online training course will explain how to use Instagram to market your business. It will explain: -

  • How to ensure your profile is setup correctly from a marketing point of view
    • How to switch from a personal to a business profile
    • How to complete your profile correctly
  • An overview of the main sections in Instagram
    • How search works – and what you need to do to get found
    • How the newsfeed works
    • What you could / should be posting
    • How to post images and videos, including IGTV videos
  • Recap on how to use Instagram for marketing and what is covered on the level 2 course.
    • Overview of Instagram Stories – how to post to your story.
    • Overview of Instagram Reels – how to post a Reel.


Who is this course suitable for?

This Level 1 course is suitable for people who are unsure about how to use Instagram for marketing.

  • Those who have not yet started using Instagram for their business.
  • Those who have already started using Instagram for marketing but would like to learn how to get the fundamentals right.


If you are already very comfortable using Instagram for marketing, you should consider attending the level 2 course.  However, the level 2 course is a follow up to level 1 and will not include the topics listed above.


What do you need?

A laptop/pc/Mac/tablet to take part in the course and your smartphone with the Instagram app downloaded in advance of the course.  We recommend that you do not use your phone to join this course as you may wish to use/access the Instagram app during the course.


Course Methodology:

This is a 3-hour LIVE online course which you can attend from your home or office using a PC / MAC / Smartphone or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones, but you do not need a webcam).  Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be.


How does it work?

Click on this link to watch a video which explains how the online course works.


This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd